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December Giveaway

Let's have some fun!

Green Dog Customer Holiday Giveaway!

Winner gets their choice of a Pilot Max, a Rose Touch or Helichrysum Touch!Rules

Rules: 🤷‍♀️

Customers of Green Dog Essentials

For every 200PV order you place you will get 1 chance to win

Order on Loyalty (LRP) and you get an additional chance to win!

POST YOUR 200PV orders in the comments of this post:


(Remember to state if placed on LRP.)

Not in our Facebook group?

Request to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GreenDogPack
Not on Facebook? Text me at 847-815-5010 with your name, the number of 200PV orders you placed and if they were on LRP.

FREE Frankincense with 200PV order -limit 4 per account.

We will spin the wheel when December is over.

December - that magical time of the year!


Frankincense is the Swiss Army knife of essential oils!

"When in doubt Frank it out."

This powerful essential oil is revered for its ability to beautify and rejuvenate skin when applied topically, to promote cellular health, immunity, produce a healthy inflammatory response when taken internally and so much more.

Frankincense is the oil of truth.

Reach for Frankincense when you feel abandoned, disconnected and unprotected to bring you the feeling of being loved, secure, connected and out of the darkness.

With all of its many uses no wonder Frankincense was highly esteemed by ancient civilizations and used for the most sacred of practices. For some religions, it is correlated with one of the most prized possessions of ancient biblical times.

Frankincense was also used during religious ceremonies for salves for soothing skin and perfume.

The perfume or aroma that it emits promotes feelings of satisfaction, peace, relaxation, and overall wellness, which explains its unique value in ancient times.

Just as in its treasured past, Frankincense essential oil is highly valued in the doTERRA community and continues to be one of the most popular essential oils.

In the month of December - you can get this oil FREE!!
It's included as a Thank You with your order of 200pv
-- up to 4 orders of 200pv+ throughout the month will come with a FREE 15mL bottle of Frankincense!

When you order on your Loyalty order (LRP) you get 20 - 60 doTERRA $$ to spend later.

Here's the best part: these bonus oils are stackable!!
That means that if you place an order at 200pv or more by the 15th of the month - you'll enjoy BOTH Balsam Fir AND Frankincense AND a special diffuser ornament!

So, what about Balsam Fir!

FREE is the only way to get this wonderful oil

When you order 125PV by the 15th on your on your monthly order (LRP - aka Loyalty Rewards Program) you get a FREE Balsam Fir!

This delightful limited time only oil is refreshing, clean, and airy. It truly conjures up images of forests covered in crisp, freshly fallen snow and cozy, holiday gatherings around a crackling fire and brightly lit tree.

Can you imagine?
Balsam Fir is one of the most common and popular choices for Christmas trees because of its strong, woody, refreshing scent. Balsam Fir essential oil captures that distinct, pine forest scent in a bottle!

Douglas Fir is one of my favorite pine, ever-green scents!

The first bottle I opened, years ago, was carried with me everywhere and I would pull it out of my pocket and inhale the foresty oil from the bottle several times a day! It is a favorite for diffuser recipes in our home during the Holiday season and beyond!

I love this story of how doTERRA is sourcing this oil from New Zealand, where the trees are not native and have become aggressively invasive. This responsible harvesting is serving the people and landscapes of New Zealand while providing us with a refreshing and grounding oil in it's highest quality!

The Bubble Diffuser + Hygge Cozy Blend

Everyone loves the bubble diffuser for themselves and for gifts!

Limit 5 per account and they always go fast so don't dawdle 😍

The bubble diffuser is motion activated and rechargeable so you can use it anywhere.

We love them in our bathrooms, office, out on the lanai and even the RV.

So easy to take along when you visit a friend or go on vacation.

This limited offer bundle is $54 (that makes the bubble diffuser only $22)

Hygge - the cozy blend

I am still getting used to the pronunciation. Say it slowly with me, ”hue guh.”


Hygge is a Danish term that means a quality of coziness that makes a person feel content and comfortable.


Perfect, since every oil in this blend evokes memories of snuggly sweaters, campfires, a comfy blanket, a hug and hot chocolate. You are going to LOVE this blend.


Add 5- 8 drops to your diffuser to create a warm and cozy space or make a room spray you can take and use anywhere.

When it's available this blend is $32 wholesale.

Balsam Fir + Diffuser Ornament

It's BOGO Time

And we know all that's in the BOGO collection!

OnGuard & Breathe

Cassia & Wild Orange

Roman Chamomile & Black Spruce and Copaiba

Deep Blue & Deep Blue Stick

Plus you get Northern Escape in the BOGO BOX

Video with talk of all the BOGO oils!

Our favorite time of the year is here, BOGO week is back!

By now, we all know that the BOGO Box is by far the best and easiest way to participate in BOGO week.

Not only do you get all the BOGO items and you also receive a free bottle of Northern Escape® 15 mL with your box!The BOGO Box will also include free enrollment for new customers again! That’s right, those who enroll when they buy the BOGO Box will have their enrollment fee waived. Alongside free enrollment, they’ll also qualify for free shipping!

Here is everything you need to know about the BOGO Box:The BOGO Box will be available beginning Tuesday, November 15th, 2022, and only while supplies last. Individual BOGOs will run from Wednesday, November 16th through Saturday, November 19th.Your box includes the following oils/product plus the extra gift of Northern Escape®.

dōTERRA On Guard® 15 mL


Cassia 15 mL

Wild Orange

Roman Chamomile 5 mL

Black Spruce


Deep Blue® 5 mL

Deep Blue Stick

Northern Escape®

BOGO Box Details

SKU 60223693 Wholesale $140 | 140 PV

Retail $186.67

Total Wholesale Value $257.50 – Save over $117.50!

Available while supplies last with a limit of 5.

Help a friend get healthier!

BOGO Box Enrollment SKU 60224131 Wholesale $140 | 140 PV Wholesale Value $257.50 + Free enrollment!

Save $152.50!

Available while supplies last.

Grab the daily BOGO Wednesday ONLY!

November 2022

This November is a big month for doTERRA!The Holiday Products are start released November 1st, plus you can buy Individual MetaPWR Products and bundle to save $$

The Individual MeatPWR Products Available

Buy the Assist, Advantage, MetaPWR Oil, Softgels and gum individually starting November 1st!!!

Bundle and save $$

2022 Convention

Be the first to hear the full scoop and get the early access, super-discounted kit available

with the $35 virtual convention ticket

Diffuser Flash Sale

September is coming in hot!

2022 Illinois EO Workshop Blitz - Join the fun!

❤️ Click the flyer or scan to QR code to register - space is limited ❤️

Let's get together and play with oils!

I’ll be in northern Illinois for a whole month so we are having an essential oil workshop BLITZ!! Love to see you ❤️

—> Register using QR code in location flyer, click the flyer image or use link to form below for each location - SPACE IS LIMITED so make sure to register.

—> Bring a friend and pick from my oil and doTERRA swag stash bag!

Pick what works for you! Location, Day, Time, Class - Come to One, Come to All!

So far there are nine workshops - you pick any or all that you want to attend!!

Wednesdays 1:30pm

Lindsey ChiroPlus, Island Lake, IL

Click for Wednesday Registration Form - https://greendogessentials.com/lindseychiroplusworkshops

August 17th @ 1:30pm - Essential Oils for Sleep & Stress

August 24th @ 1:30pm - Essential Oils for Aches & Pains

August 31st @ 1:30pm - EOs for Easy Healthy Daily Habits - get healthier & look/feel your best

September 7th @ 1:30pm - Your Health is a Gift - EOs for Skin, Eyes, Heart, Liver, Brain & Hair

Thursdays 5pm

Page’s Healthy Paws, Lake Zurich, IL

Click for Thursday Registration Form: https://greendogessentials.com/pagesworkshops-2022

August 18th @ 5pm: Essential Oils for Dogs & Cats - Safely use pure EOs on your dogs & cats

August 25th @ 5pm: Your Health is a Gift - EOs for Skin, Eyes, Heart, Liver, Brain and Hair

September 1st @ 5pm: Essential Oils for Dogs & Cats - Safely use pure EOs on your dogs & cats

September 8th @ 5pm: Essential OIls for Sleep & Stress

Friday August 19th @ 5pm - Your Health is a Gift

Main Street Wellness & Skincare, Wauconda, IL

Click for Friday Registration Form - https://www.greendogessentials.com/mainstreetoilworkshop2022

DO NOT MISS THIS! While supplies last. Anti-aging skincare special. We have not had a promo like this in a VERY LONG TIME!! Do not wait, it will sell out!

Buy 1 Get 2 - A BOGO to Glow About - Anti-Aging, Immunity, brain health and more

Buy Yarrow|POM 30mL (anti-aging, immunity & brain powerhouse blend) and GET 2 FREE - Yarrow|POM Capsules (cellular beauty form the inside out) and Brightening Gel (brightens and evens skin tones)

Starts Wednesday (27th - 29th) or while supplies last.

We know this BOGO deal will be a huge hit, so do not wait to order.

—> Skin Beauty Anti-Aging Bundle save $84: Buy Yarrow|POM 30mL GET Yarrow|Pom Capsules and Brightening Gel FREE!

Yarrow|POM is great for anti-aging skin, collagen production, hair, brain and nerves while easing depression, anxiety and fatigue.

The Yarrow|POM capsules give you beauty from the inside out and strengthen immunity.

The Brightening Gel brightens skin, reduces brown spots and evens skin tones - can be used as an all-over facial product or to target dark spots.

Yarrow|Pom 30mL oil blend -

This powerhouse is in our go-to recipes: our Skinny Jeans for weight loss, metabolism and blood sugar balancing, our Mega-Skin Dropper for anti-aging, wrinkles, collagen production, sagging skin, dry skin, aging skin and varicose veins.

Grab Yarrow|POM for anxiety, depression & fear. Yarrow|POM supports brain health, memory & recall.

It is anti-cancer, anti-inflammation, arthritis, rheumatism helps with indigestion, belching, bloating & ulcers.

Use Yarrow|POM for fever, viruses & Allergies. This blend helps a sluggish liver and blood toxicity.

Keep Yarrow|POM handy for first aid to address bleeding, hemorrhaging, internal wounds and scarring.

Yarrow|POM Beauty Complex Capsules -

* Improves skin firmness and reduces skin


* Illuminates and brightens complexion

* Provides powerful antioxidant support*

* Promotes cellular health

* Supports healthy metabolic function

* When taken daily, these capsules help maintain skin's youthful appearance by combating oxidative stress

* Yarrow Pom Capsules help in activating skin-protecting proteins and inhibiting the enzymes that breakdown elasticity and collagen with the added benefit of promoting collagen production.

Brightening Gel - Natural extracts, vitamins, and cutting-edge ingredient technologies combine with CPTG" essential oils of FCF Bergamot, Juniper Berry, and Melissa to brighten and

even skin tone.

Brightening Gel is a gentle and effective way to noticeably brighten the skin by reducing the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

* Daisy extract is a natural, skin-brightening agent that acts by promoting even skin tone and reducing the appearance of dark spots

* Vitamin C helps to keep the skin looking youthful while providing skin-brightening benefits

* Microencapsulation technology protects vitamin C from breakdown ensuring the stability and efficient delivery of the vitamin to the skin

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